Since November 2016, I’ve been a part of the Somatone Interactive team working on:
– Designed sound effects for mobile, VR, PC, console, and indie games
– Record, edit, and mastered voiceover dialogue
– Booked and coordinated voiceover talent for in-house, domestic, and international sessions
– Support and upgrade studio’s computers, network, VR setups, and VO booth
– Managed and prioritized tasks for other sound designers and composers at the studio
– Interfaced with clients, scheduled meetings, and realized project deadlines

Selected titles:

7 Pirates – Unannounced
Brainium Studios – Unannounced
Built Games – Teletubbies
Frima – Unannounced
Frima – Phlinx 2
Funtomic – Unannounced
Gameloft – SniperFury
GREE – DragonSoul
Huuuge Games – Unannounced
Huuuge Games – Gold Rush
Huuuge Games – Cinderella
Huuuge Games – Robin Hood
IMEX Media – Band Play
Kongregate – Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards
Linden Lab – Sansar
Masomo – Unannounced
MyTona – Unannounced
N3twork – Forever Donuts
Peak Games – Toon Blast
Peak Games – Toy Blast Tournament
Phoenix One Games – Guardian Kingdoms
PlayQ – Charm King
SGN/Jam City – Unannounced
SGN/Jam City – Unannounced
SGN/Jam City – Book of Life: Sugar Smash
SGN/Jam City – Genies & Gems
SGN/Jam City – Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
Sixth Gear Studios/AlleyLabs – Unannounced
Spiritwalk Games – Shardbound
Super Evil Megacorp – VainGlory
Warner Brothers – DC Comics Legends