Hi! I'm Michael Lee Cullen.
I love to tell stories.

I'm a freelance Filmmaker, Sound Editor, & Composer.
I'm technically savy, easy to work with, and won't stop till it's perfect.

About Me

My name is Michael Cullen. I am a recent graduate Film Production major (Sound Design emphasis), Music minor from Chapman University in Orange, CA. I have sound designed, mixed, and recorded over 35 short films, a feature, and 2 video games. This year, I was nominated for the Cinema Audio Society’s Student Recognition Award for sound mixing. Currently, I am working part time recording, sound designing, and implementing audio for a new Oculus Rift game developed in Unity at UC Irvine. Recently, I just finished working as a Post Sound Intern under the Television Academy Foundation at NBCUniversal Post Sound Group. Check out my reel for more of my work.

Michael Cullen